“In summer, the song sings itself.”

Just wanted to share that line with you, that’s all. It runs through my head almost every day during the summer, especially when I walk past huge lush bushes, flowers bobbing their heads, nests full of peeping wrens. We’re on the other side of all that by now, really–the cicadas are loudly doing their thing outside my window, and autumn is on its way. Before it ends for good I wanted to share that beautiful line with you.

2 thoughts on “WCW”

  1. In Catalan there’s a somewhat related saying – “A l’estiu tota cuca viu”. It has a bit of a singsong to it in the original. “In summer every bug lives.”
    I learned it when I was being fired from an ESL teaching job one fine June day. The sting of the news (and of being called a bug in so many words) was lessened by the pure poetry of the expression.
    I got thru that summer just fine.


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