About this blog

I’m Katie Haegele, and I’m a writer. A big part of my writing life has consisted of contributing book reviews to newspapers and magazines, for a long time now—something like 13 or 14 years, when I stop to think of it. During that time the newspaper business changed a lot. It’s a change I began to hear was coming since I was a kid and the editor of my school newspaper. Everyone knew that the Internet (and “desktop publishing,” as it was called back then) were about to change the media landscape in some major way, though we didn’t know exactly what form it would take. That didn’t change my mind about wanting to write for print publications like these, but it has always informed my relationship with them: I knew I was working on borrowed time.

I still write for newspapers—and some folks still read ’em—but not as often as I once did, in part because of their shrinking budgets but also because I’ve felt fed up with their inability to respond quickly enough to the changes that have been happening in our world to figure out how to do better. Plus, there are limitations to that format that a blog doesn’t have. I’m able to use this one as a place to share my thoughts on everything I’m reading—the books I’ve been assigned to review as well as ones I’m reading for fun, zines, poetry, other blogs, news articles, you name it—and to do so in a more casual way than I can in a print format that’s being produced on someone else’s dime. So here you have it: my thoughts on what I’m reading, my contribution to the literary blogosphere. Please feel free to say hello and share your thoughts.

You can read other things I’ve written, read about and buy my books and zines, or send me an email over here on my website.

Thank you for stopping by.