About this blog

I’m Katie Haegele, and I’m a writer. I’ve been reviewing books for newspapers and magazines for a long time now—something like 13 or 14 years, when I stop to think of it, which is about as long as I’ve been writing professionally at all. In that time, the newspaper business has changed a lot. It’s a change I’ve been hearing was coming since I was the editor of my high school newspaper in the ’90s, all Max Fischer-serious with my personal projects and extracurriculars, burnishing aspirations of going into the business. Everyone knew that the Internet (and “desktop publishing,” as it was called back then) were about to change the media landscape in some major way, but we didn’t know exactly what form it would take. It’s a change I’ve watched unfold with an almost magical swiftness in the 15 years since then, and I’m amazed and excited by what it means for people who wish to make their own media. To become the media, as Jello Biafra famously phrased it. I still write for newspapers—and some folks still read ’em—but there are limitations to that format that a blog doesn’t have. I use this one as a place to share my thoughts on everything I’m reading—not just the books I’ve been assigned to review, but books I read for fun, and zines, and other blogs and news articles and you name it—and to do so in a more casual way than I’m able to do in a print format that’s being produced on someone else’s dime. So here you have it—notes on books from the row house in Philadelphia where I live, my contribution to the literary blogosphere. Please feel free to say hello and share your thoughts.

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