Handwriting articles

In 2011 I put out an issue of my zine, The La-La Theory, that was about writing by hand. It’s a topic that interests me because I received an old-fashioned Catholic school education and was formally taught penmanship, which I happened to find satisfying and enjoyable, though I know plenty of kids hated it. And even though it wasn’t so very long ago that I was a student in grade school, a lot has changed since then about the way we write things down (or don’t).

I started a blog as a way for contributors to the zine to keep up with what I was doing with it, and I ended up using it to link to relevant articles. That blog is now defunct, so I decided to list those articles here, plus more as I add them. Many of these links were sent to me by Dave Lull, the Master of the Internet. Thanks, Dave.

Cursive handwriting back in schools? Some legislators want to require it,” Cleveland Plain Dealer 

High Wire Act: Why I Started Writing By Hand,” The Millions

The Art of Handwriting,” The Atlantic

Library Handwriting,” Library History Buff Blog

Handwritten Letters from Legendary American Artists,” Literary Hub

Why Handwriting is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age,” Well Blog, New York Times

It’s hard to understand Louisiana’s new cursive mandate,” The Times-Picayune

Can Handwriting Make You Smarter?Wall Street Journal

How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive,” The Atlantic

Why Cursive Mattered,” The Atlantic

Why Creative Writing is Better With a Pen,” The Guardian

How Handwriting Boosts the Brain,” Wall Street Journal

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades,” New York Times

Lynda Barry on the Painted Novel,” The Millions

The Pen is Mightier Than the Phone: A Case for Writing Things Out,” Fast Company

Five Books: Handwriting,” Barnes & Noble

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing,” The Guardian

Cursive Out of Common Core Standards, But Still Hanging On,” School Library Journal

Search in Cursive: Google Now Lets You Hand-write Search Queries on Phones and Tablets,” Tech Crunch

Experiments in Handwriting Fonts,” The Chimerist

Tempest in an Inkpot,” The Morning News

When Cursive Cried Wolf,” The New Yorker

Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing,” New York Times 

What’s the Point of Handwriting?” Penguin RandomHouse

We are slaves to the printed word, but only handwriting conveys real beauty,” The Guardian

Handwriting Just Doesn’t Matter,” by Anne Trubek, The New York Times

Write on!Inside Higher Ed

The comeback of cursive,” The Economist

Once all but left for dead, is cursive making a comeback?” by Joe Heim, The Washington Post

Should you feel sad about the demise of the handwritten letter?” by Siobhan Phillips, Aeon

Is Handwriting History?” by Deidre Lynch, Public Books

Are We Different Writers When We Move From Longhand to a Screen?” by James Draney, Literary Hub

So Long, Age of Letters,” by K.E. Colombini, First Things

Phenomenology of the Hand,” by Mark Bauerlein, First Things